The Chi Foot Spa story began long ago. In Chinese,  Chi means life energy and many associate it together with the art of Tai Chi. There are also several martial arts which have names using the same word. In Japanese and Korean the pronunciation is Ki and is used in Aikido ( a Japanese martial art) and in Hapkido ( a Korean martial art).  Good professional massage requires a high level of technique, but that technique is not enough. The best massage has the highest level of technique combined with a caring heart. We strive to provide our customers with this highest standard of professional massage. 

The history of massage began before recorded history. In the oldest surviving record of ancient Chinese medicine there are over 30 references to using massage to promote health.  Massage is also known to have been used as therapy in ancient Egypt, India, Italy, and Greece. The term Reflexology is relatively new and is said to have been coined in the early part of the 20th Century. However, there is evidence that the art of healing by using massage techniques on the hands, feet, and ears is much older as there are acupuncture charts indicating correlating points dating back much further into the past.

It’s time for you to bring your life back into balance at Chi Foot Spa!